Obsolete Impressions (Impresiones obsoletas)

Italy, Dominican Republic / 2014 / Colour / HD / 7'


Jesús Grullón has worked for more than 30 years in his typography together with a few co-workers and his tireless machines.
Despite the advent of digital, José decided to continue working with the same machines ever.
From this resistance comes not a rejection of what is new but it’s a dynamic wise reflection on the union between man and machine, where knowledge of new digital techniques create a union with the mechanical obsolete in a place that seems to have stopped in time.

Production: Alessandro Focareta
Direction: Alessandro Focareta
Edition: Alessandro Focareta
Cast: Jesus María Grullón (protagonista)

Best documentary award – Festival Construir Cine 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentine.


*Festival Short on Work 2014, Modena, Italy – Official selection.
*Festival Construir Cine 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentine – Official selection.
*nodoCCS, 2015, Caracas, Venezuela – Official selection.